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X-Verter® Battery Energy Storage

Nextgen power conversion and battery solution.

Superior performance

Performance is optimized through nearly zero conversion losses attributed to a more efficient ‘inverter-free’ voltage conversion. This enables rapid charge and discharge, including continuous charging, along with real-time power flow and quality control. Adaptability to each load allows for increased efficiency, extended system lifespan, reduced costs, and minimized maintenance requirements.

Prolonged lifetime

Real-time control at the cell level enables bypassing weak cells, extending the battery pack’s lifetime significantly. The dynamic cell configurations offer increased flexibility and efficiency in managing cell charge and discharge, significantly improving the X-Verter®’s overall performance and longevity.

Unmatched adaptability

Compatible with diverse battery chemistries and ages, spanning from graphene-based supercapacitors to second-life batteries. Its modular design effortlessly scales capacity by integrating additional modules into the current system. The programmable I/O ports ensure seamless adaptation to varying voltage and current (source/load) requirements in real-time.

Built for mobility

Its enhanced portability facilitates easier transportation, making it highly advantageous for various applications. Whether for temporary or mobile energy storage setups, off-grid installations, or emergency backup systems, this quality allows for seamless adaptation and deployment across different scenarios and environments.

Streamlined setup

Featuring ‘safe-to-touch’ low-voltage modules, it simplifies the installation process, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, by eliminating inverters, rectifiers, power conditioning electronics, large filters, and active cooling, it reduces both points of failure and system size.


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