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Nextgen power conversion and battery technology.

Software based Configuration Management.

It supports any power input (AC or DC) and can be configured in real time (runtime) to provide any voltage and ampere output – far more flexible than any traditional inverter or rectifier. All conversion paths are bi-directional conversion paths. Every terminal can have a custom output voltage, based on its software configuration.


The fundamental building block is the cell. This results in several advantages regarding production, product design, but also technical functionality. The control software manages the cells to control the output voltage and current, and cells of different types can be mixed to deliver the optimal power output. By adding more cells the X-Verter® capacity can be upgraded, making it a flexible system.


Each X-Verter® cell contains an energy core, which can be a battery cell, a capacitor, or a transformer. Using batteries as a core means the X-Verter® has built-in storage and replaces the need for inverters, rectifiers – as well as batteries. Unlike any other battery system, the X-Verter® can bypass defect cells and allows for cells of different types to be mixed.

Unmatched Conversion Efficiency.

Critically, the X-Verter® does not use traditional pulse width modulation. Unlike the current state-of-the-art switching converters, the X-Verter® has no switching and deadtime losses, due to its unique design.  It delivers near maximum efficiency at all power ranges, which significantly improves the performance compared to normal inverters.

Flexible and Fast.

Voltage in/output can be modified in less than 5µs (microseconds). Voltage amplitude and frequency output is determined by the X-Verter®’s control software and can range from low to high voltage without any additional efficiency losses.


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