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Blixt Zero

A revolutionary innovation that transforms circuit breakers into intelligent, connected devices, catalyzing a paradigm shift across multiple industries. Fostering the transition towards electrification in transportation, industry, and buildings and underscores the significant move from AC to DC power systems.

DC grids

Electrical safety for DC and AC, all-in-one device.

Smart grid

Demand Response, grid harmonization and reduce outages.


Smart charging, battery management and remote control.

Data centers

Predictive maintenance, less downtime, electrical safety.

Industry 4.0

Speedy diagnostics, improved resilience and control.

Smart Buildings

Remote management, energy optimization & enhanced electrical safety.


Self-monitoring data center: Predictive maintenance, optimized operations and energy use

Blixt Zero enables monitoring directly on the power lines, which in combination with advanced data analysis based on AI, will lead to quicker and more accurate trouble shooting and even be able to predict faults before they happen.

One of the key risks in a data center is from fire, given the large networks of cabling and electronic equipment used. As the Blixt Zero trips in  nano seconds, and never generates arcs, it significantly contributes to improved electrical safety.

Rising DC demand sparks safety: Solid-state switchgear the solution

Today, we’re seeing a significant surge in both DC generation (from wind, solar) and consumption (electric vehicles, data servers, etc.). However, within the existing AC infrastructure, this creates multiple conversion steps, leading to substantial energy losses. This has fueled the growth of DC microgrids and low-voltage DC distribution networks as a solution to save energy and costs.

The challenge with DC safety is the fast current rise, that mechanical switchgear cannot handle, potentially risking fires or a network collapse. The solid-state circuit breaker Blixt Zero, on the other hand, offers these attributes required for DC safety.

Smart buildings: Blixt Zero breakers for smarter energy management

The Blixt Zero solid-state circuit breakers offer real-time monitoring and remote energy control, providing increased safety and reliability with a tripping speed x1000 faster than mechanical breakers. This all-in-one, compact device fits seamlessly into standard distribution panels.For homeowners or commercial building owners, it enables management of electricity generation, storage, EV charging, and household loads, optimizing self-consumption and power priorities. Simultaneously, Energy Service Providers can deploy large-scale demand response strategies to handle peak loads efficiently and maximize renewable energy utilization.


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