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Blixt Zero

Miniature solid state circuit breaker.

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Real time measurement

Measures energy usage at the circuit level (sub-metering), in real-time at up to several thousand readings per second. This enables energy supplier, grid operators, aggregators, and other third parties to go far beyond the meter and gain totally new insights. Ultimately this means smarter, more efficient energy systems and economical and environmental savings.

Remote and automated control

Manages and controls all local energy sources, storage, and loads at a level far beyond today’s smart devices and home controllers. The application landscape is vast, from maximizing self-production and optimizing the consumption to demand-side management that allows energy suppliers and grid operators to shift loads in real time and get control at a level far superior to today’s technologies.

Electrical safety

The technology supports both AC and DC environments and with ultra-fast breaking at a speed of 1000x the mechanical breakers and capability for enforced high current – long duration safety limits. This is becoming a growing challenge with DC installations and DC loads like EVs and heat-pumps, that are not detectable fire risks by traditional circuit breakers.

Future proof

Fully software controllable with two-way communication. New services or safety regulations can be distributed Over-The-Air (OTA), like a smartphone (all safety functions are autonomous and not accessible). Even possible to change breaker characteristics, e.g. from 16A to 32A, through software programming.


Technical properties
Short circuit breaking capacity 10kA
Current (nominal) 16 A
Operational AC voltage 230V
Number of Poles 1P + N (not tripped)
Impulse withstand voltage 4kV
Tripping curve Programmable
Form factor DIN
Metering sampling rate 100Hz – 5khz
Standards Coming soon.
Protocols IPv4, ( IPv6 on request) , TCP, UDP, SSL (optional)
Width (w/o MCB)
Height 98mm
Depth 69mm

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