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The Blixt Zero engineering samples are used for the certification testing but we also made a limited number available for independent third party evaluations.

The Zero is designed as a 1P+N (not breaking N), 16A, 80-250V AC breaker, capable of measuring voltage, current, and zero crossings in real time. It has DIN housing and is equipped with a microcontroller and an Ethernet port for communication.

Technical properties
Short circuit breaking capacity 10kA
Current (nominal) 16A
Operational AC voltage 230V
Number of Poles 1P+N (not tripped)
Impulse withstand voltage 4kV
Tripping curve Programmable
Form factor DIN
Metering sampling rate 100Hz – 5khz
Ports Ethernet
Protocols IPv4 (IPv6 on request), TCP, UDP, SSL (optional)
Width (w/o MCB) 39mm
Height 98mm
Depth 69mm

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